Before I forget

Just a quick note to say that my music ‘du jour’ to write to is a freebie from the Observer; a collection 10 of of Laura Marling’s best recordings from the last three years. She’s a bright young thing and the music is perfect for my purposes. Evocative and emotive, but not so much that you can’t concentrate or lose yourself in the task at hand. That would never do. So if (when) I do pause for thought because the writing flow has ebbed,  I can drift back to the music that’s playing (or it can drift back to me) and be lost. It’s not long before inspiration strikes again, and then I’ll likely miss the next few tracks while immersed, frantically trying to get my thoughts down before they escape (…”behind me like a scarf”……(thank you Michael Cunningham for writing so beautifully)).

I almost did forget – here’s a link to a sample of my musical muse. Incidentally I do listen to her when I’m not writing too.

Progress this week

I am currently wrestling with a narrative idea. It’s moving rather quickly in my head so I am poised to grab phrases that appear in mid air or at those inconvenient times, like when I’m on the school run.

I am also deconstructing a page of ‘telling’ and using each sentence to create headers for a series of scenes to write. For this I am using my amazing cahier, which I have had for years, and am so glad I waited for the right occasion to use it. Why am I doing this task longhand (and in pencil)?  To slow down and try to write some good dialogue, plus the pencil feels nice across the page and allows me to rub out mistakes. Of which there have been many already in the opening paras of the first scene.

Note to self: get some French stationery when on holiday this summer. Did I mention I love stationery?

By the way, I finished The Hours a few days ago. Wow.