Tense tension

It’s been a difficult week as I’ve become really bogged down with the tense of the opening of a section of writing. Bizarre really. I was writing in a sort of omniscient present tense (all breathy and immediate) but as I progressed it felt a bit laboured and as if I might write myself into a corner.

So I sought advice from my current MA workshop tutor (who was really helpful) and it seems the above can be the case. So I started writing in a 3rd person past, relating the events. This seemed to flow more readily.

I’m still not sure though.

Also, having read back some of the 2,000 words I’ve written recently (not a great effort in the space of a month) I decided they were decidedly below par. Not a complete waste of time, but less good than I would have hoped. I’m now combing through trying to see if it’s a structural issue or whether there’s too much in one place, or if it’s just badly written :0).

Not a good week on that front. More positive things to follow I hope!

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