Scrivener is up and running

It hasn’t been the easiest fortnight for me and my book (sounds quite lonely and sad that). I tinkered with some new and reworked copy for my MA cohorts, and while there is praise there is also a lot of criticism. All constructive of course, but looking at other people’s more coherent narrative arcs and the like, I was left feeling a bit disheartened.

I also realised my fragmented approach to writing so far had left my laptop littered with a trail of word documents, none of them very well labelled. More of a mishmash of docs in a folder entitled NOVEL. Thank goodness I’ve still got the Scrivener trial. It was recommended by a course colleague, and I also have a user manual installed on my Kindle, specifically for the purpose of using Scrivener to write a novel.

Today I sorted all my bits of copy (I think) into parts, chapters and scenes as I see them at the moment, as well as adding some research notes and links. More to do, but I’m starting to feel in control, which is a start.

I recommend all essayists, novelists and the like take a look at Scrivener to see if it might help get things in order and make your life a little easier.

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