It’s turned out to be something of a bumper weekend on the writing front. I managed to get 800 new words down on Saturday night – a colossal achievement on current form and a much needed boost to morale. This came off the back of a rather timely Anne Tyler interview in the Guardian Review section. Her first face-to-face for 40-odd years! It was a marvellous piece.

See for yourself here.

Obviously I was immediately buoyed by the whole experience, hence the determined writing session later.

There was a further serendipitous touch this morning, at the local car boot sale. In amongst the bric-a-brac and small china ornaments my daughter was searching for, a chance to scan the random collections of paperbacks on offer. What did I find? A Slipping-Down Life by Anne Tyler. How amazing. I’ve never seen a Tyler novel in my frequent secondhand forays. And 50p to boot (if you’ll pardon the pun). An inspiring and happy end to a reassuring 24 hours. And here are the spoils:

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