A book haven

On a recent (solo, very exciting) away day to Bath, I made a beeline for the brilliantly named Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights. Set over a couple of floors in a quirky layout it has a lovely feel, like a hobbit’s house of areas and nooks to browse around.

It’s an excellent example of why we need independent bookshops. It was nice to see the current bestsellers accounted for but also other areas well represented: I found an interesting graphic novels section, a format championed by others in my family and I wouldn’t dare to disappoint by not taking taking a look. I had an enlightening discussion with a member of staff about what my daughter could be reading. I was also rather taken with the art and design shelves, where I picked up a neat book about the creative process of various types of artist, Will Self included. More on his MO and my adaptation of it in a future post.

A good stock of literary journals, a couple of elegant armchairs to relax in …. I could go on but will instead flag up the website where you can read all about it.

One postscript: If you like brown paper packages tied up with strings (they’re everyone’s favourite aren’t they?) take advantage of the £1 wrapping service, stylishly finished with Mr B’s wax seal. They make ideal gifts, especially after a very self-indulgent 24 hours.

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