Reassuringly Roman

The ancient Roman bath complex in Bath is one of the best examples of its kind in Europe. A leisurely visit offers enjoyment on many levels.

– the inspiration

I can’t fail to be inspired by the Roman achievements. Short story ideas bounce around my head as I listen to Bill Bryson’s diverting and personal response to the ancient site. I am yet to write up any of these ideas, but they are hovering on postcards in an index file awaiting further consideration (a method I picked up from the Anne Tyler interview mentioned in a previous post).

– the education

Marvel at the sheer age of it all, gaze at the worn cobbles and imagine who walked there before you. Or watch the big screen reconstructions as you stroll around. It’s like an old school trip.

– the order

Were they not simply splendid, those Romans? Drainage, underground pipework, central heating, roofing … the site offers a glorious glimpse of the engineering work of these pioneers, and is one of many examples of the Romans’ enduring legacy.

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