Cafe culture

I’m a cafe person. Since moving to the Jurassic Coast I’ve sought out and checked out as many tea serving establishments as possible, from Dorchester down to Sidmouth. Now I have a bit more time a couple of mornings a week, as mentioned in my own kind of Ode to Autumn (well, more of a cluster of sentences), the whole cafe culture thing has even more resonance. For the first time in 8 years it’s not just the baby/child friendly criteria that matter. I’m keen to find somewhere I can hide in a corner and write a couple of hours away, nursing loose leaf tea while huddled over my iPad writing set-up (more specifics on that in a future post). I’m not going to review any cafes save the odd name check, but if you’re after more specific info on places to visit try My Jurassic Coast, my good friend’s lovely stylish blog that covers pretty much everything you need to know about getting out & about and getting well fed & watered down here.

2 thoughts on “Cafe culture

  1. Am keenly awaiting your iPad writing set up. Having recently lost my beloved MacBook to the computer graveyard I am struggling somewhat (with the helpful addition of many expletives) to write more than a paragraph on the iPad. Help!

    • I sympathise with your computer woes. I love my mac but if anything goes wrong it exposes my flimsy knowledge and I’m left flailing, entirely at the mercy of tech gurus elsewhere.

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