Writing on the move

A brief comment on my mobile writing setup, as promised. I have an iPad. A snug neoprene sleeve for the iPad. A wireless Mac keyboard, which is a pretty good size match for the iPad. An Origami iPad stand, which doubles as a case for the wireless keyboard. It all fits into a small laptop bag and is not heavy.

I have an app called iA Writer. It’s free, simple and strangely brilliant. And while I am waiting for Scrivener to produce a version of their software that is iPad compatible, the work I do through iA Writer can be synched to my other devices.

Hey presto.

I can go from this …

… to this

… in a matter of a minute or less.

I am mobile and fine tuning my list of preferred writing cafés and other venues. But mainly cafés.

2 thoughts on “Writing on the move

  1. Hi Jan. That set up looks great. I’ve been using iA Writer on my Macbook and iPod lately. The iCloud syncing is very useful. Always have my WIP with me and ready to add a few paragraphs to. And congrats on the great looking blog.

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