A post about Post-it notes

A while back I wrote about my visit to Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights, and promised to return with a note on Will Self’s set-up. It all started with this book:

A gem of a find, ArtWork: Seeing Inside the Creative Process comprises short essays on how artists working in different mediums go about the creative process. It includes a profile of Will Self, who inhabits an office surrounded by a sea of post-it notes. It’s an impressive sight in the book:

I like this idea so have taken tentative steps and done a bit of story mapping via the medium of sticky notes. Handy when there are different sections involved if only to remind myself of something. Or shift things around a bit. All of which I know I can do on digital cork boards and the like, but sometimes it has to be a pencil and paper. A kind of miniature homage to Mr Self’s yellow wall display. He’s a clever man. Here’s hoping some of that rubs off.

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