Feeling writerly

I’m just finishing a writing retreat day at Retreat West. The sun is setting on the Exeter skyline, on what has been a beautiful winter’s day. Here is the view from my desk as I write this post:


I’ve never taken part in a day like this before, and I’m surprised how it has focused my mind on the job at hand. I’ve written nearly 2,000 words. A new chapter in my novel, which, earlier in the week I was struggling to get started with. Thanks to Amanda Saint, who organises these days. Tea, coffee, cake and lunch were all provided. So I’ve been able to simply write. Luxurious. I will be back.


P.S. Nearly two weeks into 2013, and I haven’t posted about my new, old typewriter. Yes, I’ve succumbed. Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Feeling writerly

  1. Glad to hear you’ve had such a productive day. Can’t beat going somewhere writing is given priority. Looking forward to hearing about the typewriter. Intriguing.

    • It was an eye-opener Dan, having a long day like that without any distractions at all. Your advice tipped the balance on the typewriter decision. And I’m delighted, so I’ll post asap.

    • thanks! I have good typewriter memories too, and my adult fingers don’t struggle with the keys now, especially on the portable model I’ve got. It’s a thing of beauty. I’ll get that post up this week.

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