It’s a marathon, not a sprint

I’ve been thinking a lot about process and structure, after an unsettled week with my novel. My frame of mind does tend to yo-yo from being all-conquering, to cowering in the face of my inner critic.

After one of those latter moments, I took myself off with a novel that has served as a huge inspiration, and returned feeling very positive.

I have come to accept that ups and downs are a part of the process of writing a novel. I’ve also come to realise that the authors of books I’ve read and loved, have likely been through the mill to get their works to the wonderful finished articles they are. An interview by Lucy Scholes with Deborah Levy, author of the quite brilliant Swimming Home, was very interesting.

The workshop sessions with my MA cohorts and tutor are vital in teaching the importance of pruning, as well as being a source of great support. I’ve also been looking at revising and editing in my local writing group, with some reminders of the lengthy process required to achieve an effective economy of prose.

That’s what I aspire to. Not a word wasted. It will take a lot more work.



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