Stationery shindig

It’s National Stationery Week, which is right up my street. Check out the website for info on what it’s all about, including participating retailers in your area and giveaways. It’s a great excuse to go out and buy a new notebook and pen, and get writing.


To mark the week I thought I’d share my favoured stationery at the moment: Le Cahier notebooks, Staedtler pencils and eraser, and a Radley pencil case:

What’s your favourite stationery item?

3 thoughts on “Stationery shindig

  1. OMG that is like a red rag to a bull…Jethro will be commenting on this one. Stationery is heaven for him.

  2. Did you really ask that question, blimey how long have you got…

    heres the user-friendly non-OCD version:

    edding55 – either in black or, preferably, grey. the best fine liner and beautifully linear.
    rhodia – the french warm orange notepads, any size will do, but theres a very good A7 vrsn
    caran d’ache – water soluble pencil (midnight blue)… ok does transgress to the grey area between art materials and stationery (but what a grey area, hey?)
    staedtler eraser – the classic shoebox blue&white version

    basically, if its from germany, france or switzerland you cant go wrong.

    as andy warhol didn’t say

    “the great thing about an edding is no amount of money can buy you a better edding: the president uses an edding and you can own and use the exact, same edding. viva democratic, restrained consumption”

    • Well I did ask … I’ve spotted a Rhodia treasure box, which may have to be my introduction to the brand. Do they do exercise books, I wonder? And I’m feeling rather pleased with myself that the classic Staedtler eraser features in my pic …

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