Places I write: Part 1

It’s been a barren couple of months for my novel, with MA assignments and other commitments taking up my time. Fortunately – before panic/despair/self-doubt set in – there was a partial lifting of the fog, and a couple of new chapters are up and running. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s all coming together, it’s definitely not falling apart.

I’ve said before that I like to write in cafés, and my latest flurry of words came in Selley’s in Sidmouth. A cosy corner, an enormous pot of tea and my mobile writing set-up are all I need to write on the move. Here is the view from my writing corner in this cute café:

And here is my writing corner (note that large teapot – lovely):

It was here that a particularly stubborn scene finally flowed.

I find that as my novel progresses, I’m feeling the need for a specific, dedicated writing space close to home. To give myself a realistic chance of finishing the first draft this year, I’m currently planning a refurb of our dinky caravan to provide an on-the-plot writing room with zero distractions, and everything I need to feel calm and creative. Here it is in situ; I will provide an interior picture story in due course, to mark its transformation into literary haven.

Where do you like to write?

3 thoughts on “Places I write: Part 1

  1. at the moment I would like to write anywhere, have come to a standstill. Looking ahead, I might be begging for a space in the very cute caravan!

  2. That cafe looks the business but the caravan has the edge over that even. Looks like just the thing. Wish I had one, though I might be too tempted to disappear inside and not come out. Looking forward to photos of what you do with the place. Hope the interior sees the writing of many, many words.

    • Thanks Dan. I’m hopeful it will help with focus. Also, it’s so darn cold these days the caravan’s not getting nearly enough use.

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