The Eagle has landed

Finally, Laura Marling’s new album Once I Was An Eagle came out this week. I’ve been looking forward to the release all year and it arrived this morning (yes, I still buy actual CDs for certain music – it’s a sound quality thing). I’ve used her music as an occasional background to my writing for some time, drifting in and out of it as the words do, or do not flow on the page. Fans of Marling will no doubt have already downloaded (or bought) the album, but for the uninitiated here’s a live performance of Once on Later with Jools Holland:

2 thoughts on “The Eagle has landed

  1. I really do need to get into some more mellow music whilst writing, I think it would help me to focus on actually writing! However, have been distracted by your husbands suggestion of Daft Punk/Pharrel “Get Lucky” which I now have on repeat. Its more an up and dancing kind of groove than a good folksy literary backdrop. Help! Must purchase Laura soon…

    • Half term is never conducive to writing and Get Lucky is a great dancing tune, so I’d give in to the beat. Listening to Daft Punk again takes me back 10+ years, to the time when I discovered ‘Discovery’ … ahh, the days of my (relative) youth.

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