Vive la France

I love France. I write stories set there, go there when I can and have lots of books about France in some way. And after a recent series of Guardian features, which inform that summer 2013 is all about France, I’m feeling very current. I’m just back from a family holiday in the Poitou-Charentes region, which was gorgeous. This is where we stayed, just outside Jonzac:

2013-06-05 15.54.18 2013-06-05 15.54.06

This is the view that surrounded us:

It was tranquil. And hot.

I didn’t manage much writing there, but the peace and distance from day-to-day life did offer headspace in a way that is often impossible. It was hugely valuable; I read a book by the pool, noted two new potential novel ideas and achieved additional clarity for my current one. I must try to keep some of that holiday positivity and calm about me as I return to reality, routine, and trying to write.

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