Places I write: Part 2

It’s amazing what a change of scene and a cup of tea can do. At this point I must mention Amid Giants and Idols, my favourite café for the good company and excellent leaf tea in a bag. Plus an understanding owner who lets me hog a table and scribble away. After a few weeks of mulling things over novel-wise, I completed a coherent story arc for a character in a 40-minute notes session while drinking my cup of Darjeeling.

Speaking of places I write, my Eriba caravan is entering the final phase of refurbishment. It still sits on my drive thus:

After a thorough search for the right interiors, a sneak preview of some elements:

flower power

flight navigation wallpaper

Exciting. The little writing room on my drive should be up and running by September.  Just in the nick of time, then, to have a chance of writing uninterrupted and undistracted and nail that first draft by the end of 2013. That’s the theory, anyway.

2 thoughts on “Places I write: Part 2

  1. Love that black and White bird fabric. Is it birds ? Am looking on my I phone from the big smoke and can’t zoom in for some reason!

    • It’s swallows and various winged creatures – a wallpaper. I’m very excited about it as I specifically wanted monochrome flight on the wall in some way. A real find in the Anthropologie sale. Get me 🙂

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