Places I write: Part 3

It may be well overdue, but finally an update on my writing den out front. A reminder of the exterior of my dinky Eriba:

Inside it has been transformed into a haven; it’s colourful, cosy and inspiring, at least to my mind.

(if you’re not a fan of crocheted blankets look away now)

From this …

… to this

bright writing seat writing seat 2

I just love the wallpaper! It adds a slightly sinister touch, I think.


wallpaper & throw before


 wallpaper detail

Then there’s this …

… to this

I always have various visual prompts lying around, which vary according to what I’m writing. Regular readers of this blog will know the remainder of this year is all about the first draft of my novel; these are some of the bits and bobs assembled in the van:


So, I’ve finally made it from here …

… to here

Before I hunker down in my new writing zone for the winter months (complete with heater and hob), a big thank you to L and her sewing skills.

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