Buying books

I have a modest amount of money left from my festive bounty, together with a small selection of books on my wish list. I’ve decided it might be fun to log my book purchases in 2014 and try to stick to a budget:

25 copy

Success will depend on thrifty shopping: browsing Amazon Marketplace and seeking Kindle bargains, searching secondhand & charity shops and when spring has sprung, trailing car boot sales. It’s my kind of retail therapy. With a local library also on hand and various unread books at home, that should see me through the next 12 months in terms of reading matter.

First purchase of 2014 is the Kindle edition of Susan Hill’s Dolly, which came in at £0.19 after a discount. A solid start. I’ll keep you posted, sporadically.

A positive start

For me, 2014 is an exciting prospect. Although I reached the end of last year without completing the first draft of my novel, I’m optimistic that will happen within weeks rather than months, with plenty of time to revise and rewrite before the submission deadline this autumn.

I will return to my writing group after a four-month break, which means connecting with people again over writing, as well as mining for new story ideas to keep the creativity flowing.

I have a small to read pile to take me through the first weeks of the year, and look forward to finding other titles as the early signs of spring start to nudge the winter away.

There will be a chance to plan some literary jaunts, mark in submission deadlines and generally get on top of things, at least for the first quarter. It’s a good feeling.

Happy New Year.