More than just a corridor

An empty Tudor manor house and a corridor within.

Barrington corridor

Aside from the fleeting thoughts of The Shining and The Omen, it’s ripe for exploration with words. One to add to my index card file of bits and pieces to pull together as and when. Thanks to the National Trust for leaving all the rooms of Barrington Court empty, which left us free to roam and run and create our own stories.

Stormy seas

This isn’t a metaphor. It’s about storms here in Lyme Regis, and how the humbling weather has made us all sit up and take notice of nature at work. I’m fortunate that I haven’t been adversely affected by the storms. It’s rather an inspiring sight though, if you are able to observe. My photographer friend Johan braved the extremes this week to take these.

Isn’t the Cobb amazing?

Storm over marine parade

Cobb storm

I popped down a couple of days later, in the calm after the storm. What a contrast:

Cobb calm

This weather has meant dormant story ideas have started to bubble up again alongside the boiling sea.

I’ve also been thinking about Sebastian Junger’s book The Perfect Storm, which I read a long time ago. Click on the image for details; it’s a thoroughly absorbing read.