An end and a beginning

I’ve finished the first draft of my novel. Look:

Even though there’s a lot of work still to do, I was surprised by the tingle of excitement when I picked it up from the printer. I bought a new folder for it: something zingy to brighten the shelf as I edit and revise over the next few months.

Onto the start of the next phase then, to shape it into something submittable for my MA and beyond. I can’t wait.

Urban input

For me, the buzz of a city break (however short) is a vital part of the rhythm of life to soak up a different kind of culture and keep the creative juices flowing. A glorious weekend in Bath during the literary festival provided just that, including an exciting opportunity to attend a networking event through Red Magazine. Top tips from WME agent Cathryn Summerhayes, Karen Duffy of Atlantic Books and bestselling author Adele Parks, including very specific information on how and when to approach with my novel. A summary of the event can be found atĀ Red Online.

The weekend also included this:
And finally, a Get Outside! workshop with the delightful Dawn Isaac, whose new book (pictured) can be found here:

A cultural weekend

The Bath Lit Fest is entering its final weekend and I’m looking forward to spending time in the city. A few family events are booked in for my brood, plus one agent/author/publisher networking Sunday brunch for me. Yikes.

The novel is very nearly a completed first draft: a couple of chapters to finish after gleaning insider info and some structural weaving. Then I can print the whole thing out. That’s exciting. Maybe I should buy a new folder ready for those crisp, freshly inked pages. I’ll keep you posted on all counts.

Expect photos and summaries of the weekend in due course. Full details of remaining events can be found on the festivalĀ website.