Another year beckons …

I’ll keep it brief; 2015 is almost upon us.

My read of the year was this …

Crossing to Safety

… and I also loved this:

Beautiful Ruins

I’m really looking forward to using this …

The Persephone Diary 110

… and this:


With no novel deadline hanging over me, it’ll be a treat to sort through the cuttings and various snippets I’ve collected over the past year, and get stuck into some new writing.

Happy New Year.

It’s done

I’ve finished my novel. It was printed, bound and sent to the powers that be at Manchester Metropolitan University earlier this week. It’s liberating. It’s also a bit strange that after three years of studying for the MA, I no longer have to answer to that nagging feeling that I should be working on my novel. I will revisit it after feedback from tutors.

Right now, after a fair few setbacks and late hurdles en route to the finish line, I’m very glad it’s over. I made it. But at the same time I feel a bit sad that it’s over. Like I said, it’s strange.

I have lots of books to read and some new stories waiting to be written. I’m going to use the festive season to enjoy the freedom of choice and see where it takes me.

Merry Christmas!