Maybe a poem

The summer holidays passed by in three distinct phases: rainy, wonderful Paris and rainy. That was August in my life. Yes, I do love Paris. More on that later, no doubt.

The arrival of autumn has restored some sense of order (rain is expected, if not welcomed), and I feel the usual optimism that comes with sharpened pencils and new stationery with which to create and organise. See my previous blog post on new shop The Writing Room for added stationery verve.

It’s also time to look through my journals and ideas. Back in July I went to an outdoor workshop at the Ways with Words Festival at Dartington Hall, Totnes. Poet Christopher North shared his methods of seeing, rather than merely looking, and I spent real time focusing on different aspects of the natural world around me. The result? Almost a poem. And after a short breathing space I’m ready to revisit and hopefully finish it.

Plenty in the changing season to put a spring in my step.