Nearly NaNoWriMo


We’re over the midway point of NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month is global creative writing challenge, whereby participants sign up to write 50,000 words during November. A novel. That’s 1,667 words per day. Each writer can update their progress online and access supportive Twitter and other resources, from author pep talks to word sprints. After a lot of indecisiveness I signed up; I had an idea and wanted to get it down (however badly) and also wanted to develop a new writing habit as it’s become a bit fractured since I finished my MA.

Two-and-a-half weeks in, and I am woefully behind. After a dynamite first week other things happened and I lost a week. Legitimately, not through procrastinating, but it’s still gone. And the words aren’t there. At least not enough of them.

I was on the verge of giving up completely but realised all is not lost. With 12 days to go I think I can nail 30,000 words by the end of the month, or thereabouts. That will more or less complete the novella I’ve been dabbling with this year and leave room for editing (there’s bound to be a cull with NaNoWriMo frenzied wordcount).

I’ll report back in December, when I’ll either have nailed the novella or found another way of redefining failure 🙂