Bullet Points

There’s a new phenomenon. The Bullet Journal is ‘an analogue system of organisation for the digital age.’ Sounds good. The basic premise is that it’s a system that will teach you to do more, with less. A one-stop shop way of keeping on top of your To Do list, your notebook, sketchbook and diary. I like this premise. I’m all for a groovy way of coping. With everything. See the link above for an introduction to this idea.

There’s a lot more to come from me on this subject, with my shop owner and workshop facilitator hats on. And I’ll be investigating it as a means of supplementing creative endeavour and journaling itself (a vital part of the creative process).

But for now, it’s just me, trying to write. And in the spirit of bullet journaling (albeit in a very basic fashion), here’s a quick update on what’s been happening since January, in bullet points:

  • Finally made it Charleston and a fabulous tour around the country home of the Bloomsbury Group – well worth the wait and am so inspired (pics will follow)
  • Ran some amazing workshops with Year 7 children
  • Submitted short stories and flash fiction for various deadlines
  • Joined CampNaNoWriMo to edit and complete work written during NaNoWriMo
  • Narrowly missed Novella Award submission deadline at the end of April – now looking ahead to summer dates
  • Planning an almost-spontaneous trip to Fowey Festival of Arts and Literature
  • Can’t wait for a three-day Teaching Creative Writing Course in Manchester next month
  • Am writing


All other bullet point lists gratefully received.