Literary musings

One of my new endeavours is the Lyme Regis Literary Salon, a local renaissance of a long-established tradition.
I rather like the Oxford English definition of a Salon as a regular social gathering, especially of writers and artists, at the house of a woman prominent in high society.

Or London’s Society Club, which champions the Literary Salon as an established tradition, the cultural importance of which cannot be underestimated.

Indeed. I was thrilled to hold the first Salon in the beautiful Regency villa that is Dorset House, to share written words with like-minded people, accompanied by cocktails befitting World Gin Day. And a nod to the Queen’s birthday too. All right and proper.

More Salons to follow down here, with an exciting book launch during ArtsFest in September and something a little Dickensian for the festive season.

And I’m already planning next year’s Salon list, with the wonderful southwest literary tradition on the menu, as well as essays & essayists – including the modern day version, the blog & blogger.

I have plenty more to say on the subject of essays, but a separate blog post is required to give this versatile form its due attention.

I’ll keep in touch.